Lately I have seriously been itching for a vacay.   The word desperate may be appropriate.  I need an adventure to somewhere I have never been.  Which, I’m sorry to say, includes a very long list of destinations.  While I would love to say I am planning an upcoming trip to somewhere super glamorous like Italy or France, I think it will be at least another year before I get my toes on foreign soil.  In the meantime, I have my sights set on somewhere closer to home.  One day soon, I want to take off in my bug with an adorable suitcase full of perfect outfits and end up somewhere fabulous.  Just for a quick little weekend.

Considerations include… 

 Drinking my morning coffee on this front porch in the Outerbanks.

 Picnicking in a Georgia peach orchard.

 And while I’m in Georgia, may as well go bike riding (and ghost hunting?) in Savannah.

Horse back riding in Kentucky.

Taking my tummy on a culinary tour of New Orleans.

Soaking up some music culture in Nashville

Sailing in Maine.

Ocean gazing, Jaws avoiding, and possibly some antiquing in Martha’s Vineyard.

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Who is coming with me?  Any other places I need to put on my list?


  1. Blair Scheepers

    One of these days, you girls better head on over to South Africa!! Can’t wait to show you the lions and elephants in the Kruger, drink wine with you in Stellenbosch and go shopping in Cape Town!!

  2. Christina

    Oh I have had that same itch recently. You can always take a 3 day cruise out of Charleston. 🙂

  3. quinn

    you know you could always come back to SF and we can go to napa/sonoma or my personal favorite Tahoe.

    hope you are well my friend.

    BLAIR — i want to come to South Africa not kidding been thinking about that one for awhile.

  4. Brynn {chartreuse & a twist}

    okay, i am seriously drooling over all of those gorgeous photos…and now i want to go & do things i never even thought about! thanks for a little tuesday inspiration! XO brynn

  5. Stephanie G

    OK! I will take trips to SF; New Orleans; Will be in Charleston, SC first of may. Never been to New York!

  6. Lauren Tate

    Yes Yes Yes. Megan I love this post. Minus the horse. Apparently I have a new aversion to horses. They say all sorts of things change after a baby.
    I am pretty much still sold on taking a 30th ladies adventure to Marthas Vineyard…. ???? We should totally do it!

  7. Taylor

    Oh Meg, I love all these ideas. One of my best friends from college lives in New Orleans…. we could go there sometime! New Orleans is soooo fun, especially with locals. They show you all the good stuff. Not just the wild 4th quarter times. I would be down just for a day trip somewhere… or going for a drive in the country on a pretty Sunday to take pictures. And I definitely think we should be going to South Africa.