Wedding Wednesday

Strength and Clarity

I read a wedding story last week on Snippet and Ink that really resonated with me.  Ryan, the groom, had been battling with cancer for several months before he proposed to his bride Bethany.  They planned to prolong the wedding planning until after all of his treatment was finished.  However, after several rounds of treatment and surgery, his cancer was deemed untreatable, and they decided to plan their wedding while they still had time.  As it turned out, he was able to make it to their one month anniversary.  It is a devastating story (believe you me I did some crying), but what was so amazing to me was how positive Bethany was throughout the whole process.  Her strength was inspiring and made me realize how easy it is to get lost on the things that don’t really matter.  Ryan and Bethany felt so lucky just to be able to celebrate their love for each other.  To make it to one month as husband and wife.  I often get caught up in the little things (both when I was planning the wedding and in my normal life) and this story brought me some clarity.  Bethany, you are stronger than I will ever be.

 If you have time, you really should go read her story and see more of the beautiful images.  Fair warning that they may make you cry.

Images via Snippet and Ink by Clare and Kevin Kubota






  1. Megan

    It really is an amazingly heartbreaking and yet heartwarming story. It is surely worth going over to Snippet and Ink to read more about the details of the day.

  2. christina

    this is truly the happiest and saddest story I have ever read. I went over to S&I and read it in it’s entirety, tears streaming down my face. The joy and love that Bethany & Ryan were able to experience in just a short time, is more than many couples will experience in a lifetime.

  3. Lindsey Regan Thorne @ be pretty

    What an incredibly touching story… as I sit here with tears streaming my face. I cannot stop. I cannot imagine. Megan said it so well… heartbreaking yet heartwarming. Cheers to unconditional love. xo’s ladies!

  4. Drew {Coral Cafe}

    I can definitely see a tearjerker here!
    How incredible for the two to celebrate their love for each other through marriage! I’m sure that 1 month was the most incredible for the both of them! Going to check out the story!

  5. Stephanie G

    Checked it out. You know me. She’ll remember her whole life. So sorry they couldn’t make many years of more memories.

  6. Taylor

    Wow… what a story. I cried before I even got to the whole story. How special.

  7. Brynn {chartreuse & a twist}

    I am already crying and I haven’t even clicked over to the link…aye yae yae. Waterworks over here…I couldn’t even imagine how incredibly happy/sad this must have been for all. Okay, getting brave, clicking over right after this…
    XO brynn

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  9. Lauren Tate

    That was one of the sweetest stories I have read… I cannot imagine what a special day that was on so many levels for that sweet bride. What a strong young lady with such an amazing heart…