Personalized Globe {DIY}

Ever since I was little, I have always loved globes.  We had a pretty large one in our playroom and we would play a game where we spun it as hard as we could and wherever we put our finger down would be where we would have to live when we grew up or where we would get married and have our honeymoons, etc.  Pretty silly.  Last year I bought a very simple globe from Target and I have since been pondering doing something to it to spruce it up.  I saw this globe on Pinterest and followed the link to a pretty amazing (albeit expensive) Etsy store called Imagine Nations, where a lady paints on and decoupages globes.  I do not mean to say that the globe I made compares to these unbelievable works of art in any way.  But since I don’t have $450 to spend on a globe right now, I figured why not play around with it a little.

What You’ll Need:

1) Velum Paper (slightly see-through).  You may also just print  with a colored font on regular paper if you do not care about the letters being transparent.

2) Regular paper and printer

3) scissors and exacto knife and paintbrush

4) Globe (duh)

5) Mod Podge- mine was the sparkly kind because that is what i had on hand and because sparkles are lovely.

What You’ll Do:

1) Print out your message or names with a font of your choosing.  I would go with something thick and bold due to it being easier to cut out that way.  I used a font that I downloaded for free from Font Squirrel called Water Street.  I bolded my letters and used a font size of 45 for the smaller letters and 65 for the larger ones.

2) Place the velum paper over the top of your printed message and trace the letters onto the velum paper.  I would used a dark pen for this or a marker with a thin tip because I liked the way it looked with the black showing on the edges of the color.  I chose to use velum paper for this DIY because I still wanted to see the writing on the globe through the words.

As you can see I did not kill myself to make this perfect.

3) Use the scissors to cut around the outside of your letters and the exacto to cut out the inside holes and small details.  I super suck at using an exacto knife, but if you are good, you can probably just use it for the whole thing.

4) Start applying your mod podge to your globe in small sections as well as the back of your letters as you place them on the globe.  Go over the top of the letters with your mod podge to smooth them onto the globe as much as possible.  Continue until all the letters are applied and smoothed.  Let dry.

5) I also added a pink velum heart in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

That’s it.  Pretty easy right?  I feel like my little globe is now much more fun.

  1. Lindsey Regan Thorne @ be pretty

    Megs… how cleaver! I love this idea… love the quote you went with! You are full of genius ideas… makes looking at a globe so much more FUN!!!!!!! Hope you had a great weekend… ps… got your email, sounds great! I’ll respond shortly! xxoo!

  2. Colleen

    Love this Meg! Now you just need to make me one…and one of those baskets… :).

  3. Lindsay

    Love this! I LOVE the wedding date idea! So sweet! I really like all the tealy colors you’ve been using. I need some in my life!

  4. Sara

    I love this DIY!

  5. HIP LIP

    Wow!! Great job. This would look really neat in kiddo rooms. Very cool.

  6. Megan

    Thanks ya’ll! Amazing what a little mod podge can do! So glad ya’ll like it.

  7. Beth

    I seriously am in love with this!!!! I absolutely love “what a wonderful world” as a song and a thought, so this seriously just made me happy inside. 🙂 You girls are just too creative, looove it! 🙂

  8. Taylor

    GAAAAAAAH!!! I love this! So cute Meg. I’m trying soo hard to be creative, but all I can think of to do is copy you and Colleen haha 😉