I’m Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

So, Colleen and I did not have a chance to go to the Nutcracker Ballet this year.  Great sadnesses.  It was one of those things that fell by the wayside in the hustle and bustle of the season.   When I see Christmas inspiration pictures featuring pink, it always makes me think if the Sugar Plum Fairy.  She is ever so pink and sparkly.  While I am not sure I would want a full on pink Christmas like some of these, I do enjoy a touch of it here and there.

Here is a little excerpt from the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy for all the rest of you that missed the Nutcracker too.

Now ya’ll can go on and get busy practicing your pirouettes.


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  1. Lindsey Regan Thorne @ be pretty

    Merry Christmas two the CUTEST sister bloggers out there! Loving this pink, delicious post!! Gorgeous!! xoxo

  2. Colleen

    Lindsey you are just too sweet and we just love you! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you as well! Hope you and the hubby are doing something super fun!!

  3. marilyn

    My next tree will definitely be pinkly decorated.

  4. Stephanie G

    lived it. don’t think guys woould appreciate all pink though