For the Love of Friday- Incredible Egg Nog

Egg nog is one of those Christmas traditions that tends to be somewhat polarizing.  Either you love it or you despise it.  I for one am pretty much obsessed.  One of my favorite versions is  Harris Teeter’s light egg nog mixed half and half with skim milk and a splash of Italian Sweet Cream coffee creamer.  It is a combination I have perfected over time and I find it to be ideal because there is less guilt but still plenty of sweetness.  I have never added liquor to my egg nog because I think it would make my egg nog too heavy and probably make me sick.  I have seen many desserts this year that incorporate egg nog.  I find myself to be very interested in all of these.

Egg Nog Martini     *     Egg Nog Cake

Egg Nog Macarons     *     Egg Nog Fudge

Egg Nog Cookies     *     Egg Nog Pound Cake

Egg Nog Cupcakes with Spiced Rum     *     Egg Nog Cookies

I also found this recipe for Homemade Egg Nog and I decided to try it out while I watched “Elf” for the 5th time so far this year. Nothing like fatty egg nog on a Thursday.

Here is what it looked like in the picture.

Here is mine:

I can be fancy and put cinnamon sticks in my picture too.

Summary and Results:

It tasted very smooth and did not have the after taste that some store bought egg nog has (that’s almost a little like licorice).  I would say that this recipe is perfectly spiced and tastes slightly like custard.  Quite delicious all in all.  However, I will still be buying my Harris Teeter egg nog regularly.  This is definitely more of a special occasion kind of deal.

How do you like your egg nog?  If anyone else has any excellent egg nog recipes or combinations, please let me know as I am more than willing to try. 



*All recipes found on pinterest


  1. Taylor

    I am one of those people that LOVE egg nog. Both with and without liquor. It’s good with liquor actually and I am not a rum fan. I can only have 1 drink if it has liquor in it though. I like my egg nog any way I can find it but I’m sure yours would be the best. Will there be egg nog on Saturday? I haven’t had any yet this Christmas season. By the way, your cinnamon stick suuuuure are fancy!