Bridal Beauty

From inspiration to creation

Usually when I am planning a party, I start by gathering inspiration pictures.  It helps me to be able to see my inspiration side by side to see if I like them together and also helps to make sure that I don’t forget anything I wanted to include when it comes time to start executing.  There is an app called Moodboard Pro that has been very helpful with this process.  It lets you make a collage of all your inspiration pictures.  Here is the moodboard I created for Colleen’s bridal shower.  I didn’t end up using all of the ideas and I altered some of them as well, but having this helps me stay focused and organized.  I can’t always trust my brain to work well on its own. Especially this time of year when visions of sugar plums are starting to dance in my head.  I’m assuming those are some kind of cookie, right?

You can see how the moodboard compares to the actual shower by going to our shower post here.



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