I love pumpkins, yes I do

I have had a love affair with pumpkins for as long as I can remember.  Just the thought of them makes me giddy. Maybe it’s what they represent that excites me.  For me, the fall is a time that makes everything feel more special.  I am passionate about pumpkins for a few very specific and scientific reasons.

1) First and foremost, pumpkins=Halloween, which is my very favorite holiday that brings warmth and happiness to my heart.

2) They are adorable.  Is there anything really cuter than a pumpkin?  And I’m not talking about those nasty ones with bumps.  Don’t get me started on those abominations.  Smooth and round ones are a DELIGHT to my eyes.

3) Food made with pumpkin makes it so much more delicious.  And festive.   And orange.  Plus you can pretend your food is healthy since it has produce in it.  Never mind the other ingredients.  Canceled out.  Pumpkin pies, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin loaves, pumpkin muffins.  Pumpkin heaven.

4) Pumpkins can be changed into beauty round carriages to carry you around, if you happen to have a fairy godmother.  I have always suspected that I do.


Love and pumpkin kisses!


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