An Invitation to a Haunted Speakeasy

The month of Halloween is here!  And so are our Halloween party invitations!  Thank goodness.  Although not quite as time consuming as last year’s, these were still a labor of love.  As invitations always are.  Our theme this year is a haunted speakeasy.  After much hemming and hawing over all of our theme options, a

Thank You Cards {Free Printables}

In my opinion, one of the worst things about getting married or moving or graduating is having to write thank you notes for all the lovely people that send you presents.  I am just not very good at them.  I always try to write things that sound meaningful but inevitably end up cheesy, or it

Theater Clouds

While doing some sleuthing for Christmas presents, I stumbled upon the neatest little etsy shop called Theater Clouds.  The artist Elly creates these spectacular prints using lighting, paper, and a miniature theater.  I’m obsessed with all of them, and love how they are dreamy and beautiful while still playful at heart.  And I can’t get

Crushing on Calligraphy

We are completely and utterly infatuated with calligraphy.  Although Colleen couldn’t justify the extra cost for her wedding, we truly feel that it adds something quite special to the invitations or to the wedding itself, depending on how you use it.  We feel like it is almost the equivalent of a work of art, with

Cape Cod Bridal Shower Invites

This weekend is the bridal shower of my dear friend Lindsay, who you might remember from the post on her bachelorette weekend in Beaufort.  We (my friends Shannon, Sarah, Meg, and I) have been planning this shower for a while, and I cannot wait to see how it all comes together.  Since I cannot contain