Film Photography

Ireland: Kilkenny and Dingle

Hi friends! The past month has been a total dream but to be honest I am tired and ready for a big long nap. We spent two weeks in Ireland and Scotland, then I went to California for an amazing photography workshop, then came straight back to work, including second-shooting weddings the weekends before and after

Chicago on Film

I realize that doing a recap post of a previous trip while also telling you that this is my last post before my trip to Ireland and Scotland is completely obnoxious. I don’t blame you for getting as annoyed with me as I do with those people that “summer.” Who are those people really? But

Charleston on Film

Charleston is my happy place.  Whenever I step foot inside the city, I start to smile from ear to ear.  I am putting into the world that we will one day live there.  It will happen people just you wait.  In the meantime I will continue to visit once a year and take an incessant amount of

Adorable Swan Party Decorations

Happy Friday everyone!  This weekend, Megan and I are traveling with our mom and a good family friend from Texas to go try on wedding dresses in Charleston!!!  Obviously Megan will be trying the dresses on.  I can not wait.  But first I want to show you guys a fun little project.  One of my

Meg and Chris’s New Orleans Engagement Session

I thought it might be fun to take some portraits of Meg and Chris while we were in NOLA (a mini-engagement session if you will).  So we spent an hour on the last night we were there wandering the neighborhood in search of pretty architecture and golden light.  Here are a few of my favorites

New Orleans on Film

An interesting thing that you might not know about me is that I don’t really drink alcohol.  It’s not a decision based on morals, I just happen to not really like most alcoholic beverages unless they taste like a chocolate milkshake in which case I will consume it immediately.  Since New Orleans is so well