Etsy Artist Gypsya

Although I love West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Ikea as much as the next person, sometimes it is just slightly more special to purchase items that are handmade.  I have been browsing the world’s pillow options, and these beauties from Gypsya caught my eye.  When I started looking through her store, I realized that each

Musings On the Moon

I have thought for some time that I may have a talent for spotting shooting stars.  More than likely this is not because of some magical powers I possess but because I tend to look up frequently.   “Head in the clouds” may be a good way to describe it.  I have realized recently that

Theater Clouds

While doing some sleuthing for Christmas presents, I stumbled upon the neatest little etsy shop called Theater Clouds.  The artist Elly creates these spectacular prints using lighting, paper, and a miniature theater.  I’m obsessed with all of them, and love how they are dreamy and beautiful while still playful at heart.  And I can’t get

Gray Area

Sometimes and particularly in an election year when sweeping statements are being tossed around every other second like great truths, I get a little frustrated.  I will be the first person to argue that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it is important to remember that most all of our “truths” are just that…


I was reading or listening to something (I can’t remember what exactly) a few months ago that was discussing how we all need to have a number of certain and specific types of spaces where we spend our time.  Each different space helps balance us in some way.  There are all the obvious spaces like

Sorting Out My Muchness

Have y’all seen the Alice in Wonderland movie made by Tim Burton?  I am not sure it did well in the theaters but it has definitely become one of my favorite children’s movies that have come out recently.  In this movie, Alice has grown up and does not remember having been to Wonderland before.  Due