I was reading or listening to something (I can’t remember what exactly) a few months ago that was discussing how we all need to have a number of certain and specific types of spaces where we spend our time.  Each different space helps balance us in some way.  There are all the obvious spaces like home and work, of course, but one of the spaces that was being emphasized was a space where we can go to be ourselves and do whatever we want to do without anything being expected from us.  I have also been noting on all of the fantastic summer kid’s movies that I have been watching lately, that most of the kids in the movies have treehouses or clubhouses to go to when they don’t want to be bugged.  When we were children, many of us had playrooms where we could go to do whatever it was our heart desired and pretend to be whatever it was we wanted to be.  This was encouraged.  As an adult, it seems to be much less common to have an everyday space like this.  Sure, we have a family room for tv watching, a gym for working out, and maybe if we are fancy, a man cave or craft room.  These spaces are designated for purposes and we often have expectations of ourselves or from others of what should be accomplished when we are there.  But playrooms are a thing of the past.  I find it to be a shame really.  I think that the world would be a much better place if we all still had a place to retreat to in which its sole purpose is to allow us to be ourselves, be creative and be encouraged to make believe.

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Do ya’ll have any places like this in your life?

  1. marilyn

    This absolutely makes so much sense. Why do we feel guilty when we are doing nothing constructive?

  2. Lindsey @ be pretty

    Awwwww… love this! I will take an all white, plush, fluffy, sleek room that I can make my retreat! I agree with Marliyn, I feel just as guilty when I’m in total relaxation mode.

  3. Taylor

    Lovely post Meg. My retreat is a trail off the Blueridge Parkway. The landscape changes quite a few times on this 5 mile loop and each provides a certain sense of peace to me. I like to do this trail alone so I can go as quickly or slowly as I like. There is one part on the trail where you emerge from the forest and see a huge pasture … a few hills and grass as far asyou can see. There is just 1 tree… sort of reminds me of Africa or something… That tree is a fabulous tree to sit under and dream, ponder life or read a book. I miss that escape so much.