Megan & Chris Wedding

Engagement Photos Round 2

I am very aware that it may seem a bit excessive to have two separate engagement photo sessions.  Typically, people just do one.  I chose to go ahead and be excessive and despite having stunning photos from our session with Colleen in New Orleans, we also got together with Allison Kuhn, our wedding photographer to have more pictures taken in October.  And I wouldn’t take that back for a minute because the photos turned out better than I ever could have imagined and it also gave us a chance to work with her a bit before we get to our wedding day so we don’t look like awkward asses in our wedding photos.  Hopefully.  Fingers crossed.  Anyways, I figured I would show them to you guys because I LOVE them.  Allison is an amazing photographer and her images are always magical.  My hair and makeup was done by the talented Lindsey Regan Thorne and thank God.  I don’t know why I work myself into such a tizzy about doing my hair and makeup for things where I want to look particularly nice but I do.  And obviously I end up looking the same as usual after all the fuss. Having Lindsey do it really calmed my nerves and as always, her work was lovely and I felt so pretty during our session which I think really shows in the photos.  I apologize in advance for the sheer volume of pictures.  I can’t help myself.

MeganChrisEngagement0158 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0179 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0155 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0182 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0162 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0021 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0115 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0105 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0070 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0116 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0096 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0030 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0190 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0041 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0047 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0078 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0099 BLOG


MeganChrisEngagement0142 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0131 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0127 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0123 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0134 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0171 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0149 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0176 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0138 BLOG

MeganChrisEngagement0122 blog

MeganChrisEngagement0036 BLOG


  1. Stephanie

    They are all beautiful Megan!! Have fun picking them!

  2. Katie

    So beautiful! I wouldn’t be able to pick from them either!

  3. Jean Wilks

    Everything is so beautiful!!!!