Halloween Party 2015

Happy Halloween!  The party last night was a success and I am very lucky to have a sister who is a talented photographer to take pretty photos of everything while I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get all the food out on the table at the last minute.  And thank god she did because I am not sure I would have had time to do it and frankly the result wouldn’t have come close to being as lovely.  Today has been pretty relaxed with cleaning and cooking and baking a cozy meal to eat tonight while we await trick or treaters.  I am hoping for lots and lots of kids as we have candy coming out our ears and I need it to be out of the house yesterday cause I can’t control myself around Twix bars.   Anyways, hope you all have a wonderful Halloween weekend!

full mantle

pumpkin hand

something wicked

skeleton chair


gallery wall






blood on the moon


dining area


skeleton decanter


china skeleton

wicked pumpkin

spider web wall

close spider


mantle side

chris and I

Corey Catsley

Please note that Corey dressed up as their cat Catsley Shacklebolt.  His signature move was to grab food from people at the party while they were trying to eat it.  His commitment to character was excellent.



  1. Stephanie

    Actually it looks kind of pretty and not scary. Love the costumes!

  2. Ali

    This is so beautifully dark and elegant!! Your attention to detail is unbelievable!!

    • Megan

      Thanks Ali!!!

  3. Katie

    Love the pictures! It was so much fun!

    • Megan

      Thanks for coming Katie! You looked so cute 🙂

  4. nancy tate

    Looks like so much work. You have such a touch!! Lauren was “sick” to miss…I was all ready to watch the kiddos.

    • Megan

      We were sorry she missed it too. Thanks Nancy!

  5. rox

    beautiful (and spooky) as always ladies! …umm and THAT DRESS!

    • Megan

      Thanks Rox!

  6. Colleen

    So good Meg!!

  7. Ginger

    I love it, creepy and beautiful! Can you please tell me how you made the leave branches?

    • Megan

      Hi Ginger! I just gathered some leaves from outside, spray painted them, tied them together and rigged them up on the wall with twine and command hooks. I took a black faux leaf garland and put it up in there. Thank you!

  8. Michele

    Not sure how to write this without gushing too much…..gorgeous!!!! You have the most atmospheric and wonderful Halloween decor I have ever seen. Ever. So creative and atmospheric without the gore and guts. Love it so much…… and didn’t you say you were having a little low key party? So envious. Thank you for sharing these great photos.

    • Megan

      Thank you so much Michele! That’s so nice. Creepy beautiful is my favorite Halloween look so that’s what I was going for. I didn’t really buy anything new this year other than a few small things and our guest list was much smaller than normal so believe it or not, it was way geared down from our big parties.

  9. Ashlee

    Love it! I feel like we are kindred Halloween spirits. 🙂 PS -I need that black leaf garland in my life! You must tell me where you found it!

    • Megan

      Thank you Ashlee! I just picked those up cheap from Michaels in the Halloween section. They have them every year. I even bought them when they were on sale so they were like $3 each or something like that.