Ready for the Fourth

Last night I wanted to try to see Jupiter and Venus hanging out together in the sky.  Only it stayed light so late that I went to bed instead.  I am always blown away by how late the sun stays out in summer.  I know it happens every year and yet it never fails to surprise me.  The dog days of summer are upon us and while I have to say the heat has been slightly oppressive this year, there is a sweetness to summer that brings me back to when I was in middle school and ate giant cookie ice cream sandwiches at the pool all day without a care in the world.  Now that the Fourth is here and summer is in full swing, I am going to make more of an effort to enjoy the simple things that I used to and soak up this season where things seem to slow down a bit cause it’s too blasted hot to move very fast.  I have plans to go to my fiance’s family 4th celebration and seafood boil this weekend and am looking forward to that quite a bit.  Do you guys have big plans for the Fourth?

Ready for the Fourth_edited-1

dress / suit / sandals / luminizer / cheek stain / lip treatment with spf / sunscreen (the best) / shortcake / Bruce (obvi) / book / strawberry margarita punch


  1. Taylor

    Oooo I’m feeling real jealous of your seafood boil sitch. Those are a real fav of mine. Have fun!!

  2. Stephanie

    Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Colleen

    Is this the book I need to read?

  4. Marilyn

    Not just another WWII book. Well written from a completely unique perspective. I want to be outside as much as possible after our long cold winter.