Outdoor Movie Night

Luckily the rain held off this past Saturday so we could have our movie night outside, just as we had envisioned.  It was a casual affair that basically consisted of blankets and pillows scattered about on the grass along with some of Colleen’s patio furniture and folding chairs brought by neighbors.  We did make a few snacks and had a table that included some movie theater appropriate items.  Colleen and Corey showed The Fantastic Mr. Fox, one of their favorite Wes Anderson movies, which ended up being a great idea since it was both adult and kid friendly.  We borrowed the sound equipment, projector, and screen from their neighbor Jamie, who was also kind enough to come over and help set everything up.  The screen he built himself from pvc pipes and a painters cloth.  Now those are some serious DIY skills.    Of course, in typical Colleen and Megan fashion, we neglected to take any pictures of the movie setup or any people during the party.  Fortunately, Colleen was able to steal a photo of the kids around the screen taken by her neighbor Katie.  Thanks Katie!  All in all I would say it was a perfect evening to end the summer before school started again this week.


Colleen and Corey were pug sitting this week so Leila helped us get ready for the party.  Mostly by making weird snorty noises and trying to trip us while we walked.  Since she was a pivotal member of the party planning team, I am glad she could make a blog appearance.







  1. Katie

    It was such a fun night! Can we do another one soon please?!

    • Megan


  2. Taylor

    Such a fun evening. Yall are just the cutest.

    • Megan

      Thanks Tay!! Glad you were there. 🙂

  3. Carolina Charm

    incredible. absolutely incredible. y’all throw the best parties.

    • Megan

      Thanks Christina!!

  4. Stephanie

    Looks like great fun!!!

  5. Mrs Limestone

    Love this. Can you share some details on how you figured out the projector and screen? I thought about doing something like this for our block party but I couldn’t get past the technical mumbo jumbo.

    • Megan

      Haha! If only we knew. We made that the boys’ job. Colleen’s neighbor had a projector and I believe we used a specific cable to hook that up to a DVD player and then we needed a sound source to connect to so we used an amp. I am really glad that wasn’t my job. 🙂 I took popcorn duty.