Busy Bees

Good morning.  It’s Monday again.  I figured I’d pop in for a quick post since I missed you guys last week.  I took a last minute type of calligraphy job which was very exciting and also occupied pretty much every spare minute I had last week.  Now I am working on a monogram and custom name design for another bride.  It is really quite fun and I am pretty obsessed.  Anyways, as a result I have had slightly less time for fixing up my home, diy-ing, blogging, and making myself presentable to the world.  Although I did get a new (to me) washer a dryer this weekend.  I bought them for a steal from a client who no longer had use of them and compared to what I did have (some multiple decades old bisque jobs), they are faaaancy pants.  Cobalt blue LG front loaders.  This may not be exciting to you guys but the fact they they are digital and that the dryer takes less than 2 hours to dry my clothes is kind of knocking me out right now.  In other exciting news, I am going to Charleston this weekend for my first vacay of the summer.  Hallllelujuah!!!  I seriously can’t wait.

calligraphy insta


I will post pictures of the finished invitation suite created by Carrie Barker from Pink Toast Ink in a few weeks.  The whole thing is really quite attractive and I am pretty happy with how the envelopes turned out.  I used a modification on Emma script.

Hope everyone has a nice day!


  1. Stephanie

    They look beautiful! You are doing a great job!

  2. Marilyn

    impressive work!

  3. Taylor

    I seriously love the navy and white together. I hope you have such a fabulous trip this weekend!! Well deserved.

  4. Jean Wilks

    Glad you had a good time; I like your friend. He is handsome and I’ll bet he is sweet too. Don’t let disappointments spoil the week-end.