Ever since I downloaded the Waterlogue app on Tuesday, I have been compulsively turning all of my favorite pictures into watercolor masterpieces.  It is completely knocking my socks off.  I have big plans to print a bunch of these and frame them around my house.  Here are some of my favorites.  I think it is currently only available for iphone and ipad but hopefully they will eventually make a version for other phones and our computers too.


{From my birthday trip to Charleston}




{From our vacation in France}


{Our wedding day – original photo by Abigail Seymour Photography}

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  1. Stephanie

    I love the wedding picture one!

  2. Marilyn

    We need to get in on this. This is a huge WOW.

  3. Katie

    I need to get this app ASAP!!

  4. Ali

    These are just stunning!!!

  5. Taylor

    Oh, I love these! But the wedding one is just to die for.

  6. Michele S.

    These are amazing! Of course, it helps that you have fantastic photos to work with in the first place! I’m not a good photographer, but I’m inspired to try to get some good shots and use the waterlogue app. (And I agree with the consenus that the wedding one is the most beautiful.)

    • Colleen

      Thanks Michele! You should totally do it!

  7. Catrina

    Check the size of the files when you save them, they should be big enough to print as large as an 8×10, at least. Ps thanks for introducing this app, I’ve been doing the same thing!!

    • Colleen

      Thanks Catrina – super helpful!

  8. Ellen Coady

    I have been inspired to use my original photos to create art prints using Waterlogue too. I have just opened my shop – and I would love some feedback!