Macro Lens on the Cheap

Camera equipment is expensive.  Particularly lenses, and particularly the ones that make your pictures look like angel beauties.  Megan and I both use our 50 mm 1.8 almost exclusively because it was reasonably priced and just way better than the lens they give you with an entry level DSLR, and I am quite happy with it.  But every once in a while, I wish I had a macro lens, because they allow you to get better images of the little details, and the 50 mm gets upset with you if you try to get too close.  And then I get upset with it because I’m like dude I need to get a picture of that pretty invitation/cupcake/cat sketch and you’re not helping me out.  I was on Shoot Fly Shoot a while ago, and Josh was telling me about these macro filters that you can stick on your lens for like 10 bucks.  I promptly emailed Corey a link to them so he could put them in my stocking stuffer because I am not overbearing or choosey in any way.


I was playing around with them this weekend and took some shots of our wedding bands.  I was pretty impressed.  Some tips – make sure the buy the size corresponding to the lens you will be using it on.  It should say the size on the from of your lens; for the 50 mm, buy a 52.  Also, be sure your aperture is no lower than 4 or you will have a hard time focusing.  Or I did anyway, maybe you won’t.

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  1. Carolina Charm

    OH MY! A new camera accessory I want!!! So do you have to shoot in manual to use this lens?

  2. Megan

    You wedding bands are attractive, I think. They look particularly good in this shot. Good lens find.