Gift Guide: It’s A Wonderful Life Lovers

There is just really nothing like watching It’s A Wonderful Life around the holidays to get you into the spirit of things.  We developed this gift guide for all the folks who count this as their favorite Christmas movie and get a little misty eyed when they think about old George Bailey and his angel friend Clarence who most surely is sporting some lovely wings.  They are most likely the same individuals who enjoy all things antique or vintage and find great joy in receiving and sending snail mail.  They sure don’t make things like they used to.

It's A Wonderful Life gift_edited-1


1.  Letters of Note book–  I recently bought myself this book after being a fan of the website for the last few years.  I find it quite easy to say that it is without a doubt my favorite coffee table book.  It contains significant letters from or about historical figures or events and is terribly touching and interesting.

2.  Irish Bird’s Eye Wool Tie

3.  Miniature Pastel Mercury Ornaments

4.  Pencil Drawing of Lasso the Moon

5.  Locket Watch Necklace

6.  Antique Brass Curio Case

7.  Apothecary Candle, Rosemary and Thyme

8.  Wishbone Bottle Opener

9.  Polka Pleats Apron

10.  Custom Address Stamp


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