Holiday Cards 2013

Our holiday cards arrived in the mail, and I had big plans to take pictures of the actual cards to show you guys how cute they turned out, but somehow completely forgot to do so.  Typical.  So instead of taking a picture, would you guys mind if I just showed you the proof that Minted sent me via email?  I’m smitten with them.  I just love the front picture, showing Pica hiding from the camera with desperation.  Who can blame her really.  After we chose that picture, Corey became quite distraught because he realized that the people wouldn’t be able to see her lovely face.  The horror.  So we added another picture on the back.  What I particularly liked about this was that I didn’t have to figure out some cute and clever message to write.  Because it usually takes me entirely too long to be cute and/or clever.  Too much work.  Just show them the cat instead.  Thanks again to Catrina for taking the photos!


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  1. Megan

    So cute Bean. I love them.

  2. Carolina Charm

    oh, I love them!!!! y’all are so adorable!!! xo

  3. Taylor

    Well now, how cute is this??!!

  4. rox

    this is SO CUTE. I’m also obsessed w/ the post card format – it just makes them so much easier to write & send!

  5. Colleen

    Thanks friends!!

  6. Katie

    I love the pictures. I agree, you have to show one with Pica’s pretty face!