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Easy Feather Art {DIY}

On the day that I was dead set on getting that gallery wall finished, I finally laid out all of my art to find some blank spaces.  Whoops.  I was not going to wait another week to pick out more art and purchase and then wait for it to arrive.  No sir.  I was ready to make it happen.  So I told Corey to get to sketching on a cat (his specialty), I made that graphic print, and I threw together some simple art with paint and feathers that I had in my extremely unorganized craft dresser.  One day, it will be lovely and pinnable.  But for now, I just throw all the crap in there and close the doors.  I was originally going to paint the feathers and tape them onto card stock (per Megan’s recommendation when I first consulted her), but then I decided it just looked better if I left a print of the feather on the paper.  Not too shabby for free 5 minute art.


What you’ll need:

– fake feathers from the craft store

– card stock

– craft paint and/or spray paint

What you’ll do:

1) Paint your feather.  Really slather it on there because you want it to rub off on the card stock.  I used black craft paint for one feather and gold spray paint for another.  For the gold spray paint, as always, be sure to use outside and put newspaper or something underneath where you are spraying.

2) Press the feather down on the card stock and kind of smush around until you feel like you got a good print.  I actually tried on a couple of different sheets of card stock (repainting each time) so I could make sure my feather print was in peak condition.  I then put them inside these Ikea frames spray painted white for a delightful price of $4.99 apiece.  I think I might have had to trim off the edges of the 8.5×11 paper but it was pretty darn close to the frame size.  And um, I guess go eat a cookie.  Because I’m pretty sure that’s what I did.



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  1. Jean Wilks

    Very creative and beautiful! You both are so special to me; have a GREAT week!

  2. Taylor

    Oh man, I SUPER love this!!

  3. Kristen

    Ummm 5 min? And it looks this great?? Such a smart idea. LOVE.