Harry Potter Studio Recap

Anyone who has been around here for awhile and/or has read our “Who are we” section knows that we are big old Harry Potter nerds.  We even have a completely over the top Halloween party that we threw to prove it.  When I found out they had opened up the studio that they filmed Harry Potter on to the public, I just knew that we had to go there when we went to London.  I didn’t really do any research about it so we really didn’t know what to expect and holy smokes were our socks knocked off.  I am sharing quite a few pictures in this post but let me just tell you that they are a small fraction of the ones I actually took.  The vast amount of amazing set props and behind the scenes information that we received was just beyond.  I would 100% say that if you truly love Harry in your heart, it would definitely be worth a visit to England just to go.  At the beginning of the tour, the guide told us we would probably take 3 1/2 hours to see everything.  We there there for more than 6 hours.  And we probably would have stayed longer if we didn’t have to participate in a wild goose chase through London to find a non-existent football (soccer) jersey for a brother in law of mine who will remain nameless.  But he is lovely so we were happy to do it.  On our Harry Potter journey of a lifetime we…Harry Potter great hall | Two Delighted

Harry Potter great hall | Two Delighted

Walked through the Great Hall.  No big deal.

Harry Potter dorm room | Two Delighted

Checked out the Gryffindor boys’ dormitory.  Cute story…by the later movies, the boys had gotten too big for their beds and their feet hung off the edge so they had to film the top parts of their body only.

Harry Potter Gryffindor common room | Two DelightedHung out in Gryffindor common room.

Harry Potter Dumbledore's office | Two Delighted

Harry Potter Dumbledore's office memories | Two Delighted

Harry Potter Dumbledore's office portraits | Two Delighted

Harry Potter Dumbledore's office fireplace | Two Delighted

Were blown away by Dumbledore’s office.

Harry Potter proclamations | Two Delighted

Stuck out our tongues at Dolores Umbridge’s stupid proclamations.

Harry Potter Hagrid's hut | Two DelightedSaid hi to Fang in Hagrid’s hut.  You can see his little head at the bottom of this picture.

Harry Potter ministry | Two DelightedWere transported to the Ministry of Magic without having to be flushed down a toilet.  Although that would have been cool.

Harry Potter potions class | Two Delighted

Had to re-adjust our eyes in the Potions classroom.  That sucker was dark.

Harry Potter potions class | Two Delighted

Harry Potter Burrow | Two Delighted

Looked wistfully at the magicked scrub brush in the burrow that cleans dishes on its own.  That would be real nice.  Plus I wouldn’t mind to have some of those windows either.

HarryPotter burrow clock | Two Delighted

Tried to figure out if the Weasley family members were all where they were supposed to be on their charmed clock.

Harry Potter butterbeer | Two Delighted

Drank some butterbeer.  Try to figure out who the fat kid was who couldn’t wait until after taking the picture before she started drinking hers.

HarryPotter knight bus | Two DelightedStepped onto the Knight Bus.

Harry Potter Privet Drive Meg | Two Delighted Knocked on the door at Privet Drive to see if Harry was with the Dursleys for the summer.

Harry Potter bridge | Two Delighted

HPbridgeMegandKatieblogStrolled down Hogwarts bridge (and took a picture).

Harry Potter Diagon Alley | Two Delighted

Harry Potter Diagon Alley | Two Delighted

Harry Potter Diagon Alley Ollivanders | Two Delighted

Harry Potter Diagon Alley gringotts | Two Delighted

HarryPotterDiagonAlleyMegandKatie | Two Delighted

Were made completely speechless by the incredibly intricate detail of Diagon Alley.  I was starting to get pretty emotional at this point.

Harry Potter hogwarts | Two Delighted

Harry Potter hogwarts | Two Delighted

Harry Potter hogwarts | Two Delighted

Harry Potter hogwarts | Two Delighted

Harry Potter Hogwarts Meg | Two Delighted

And was so overwhelmed that I started crying at the beauty of Hogwarts.  I can only speak for myself on this one.  I was far too entranced to notice Katie’s reaction.

We also took some time to ride in the Weasley’s busted up blue car together over the Hogwarts Express and ride brooms over Hogwarts while we tried to catch the golden snitch.  In front of a green screen anyways.  The pictures and video footage we got from that were worth every penny.

Hope you guys enjoyed the journey to Harry Potter.  I know I did.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Colleen

    Mind. Blown.

  2. Caitlin

    Love this. Such an epic trip!!!

  3. Laura at Simply Lowcountry

    Megan!!! You’re making me want to book a trip to England for this weekend. When I saw this on Instagram I knew I just had to come over and check it out right now!!

    I am obsessed, and madly in love with this. I want to go do the tour. How much was it, if you don’t mind me asking?? I went to London ages ago.. probably like 6 years, but I think I need to go back tomorrow.

    I love Harry, and your Halloween party was over the top. I remember loving that post so much!!! Ahh!! Great photos.

    Happy Weekend 🙂

    Laura S.

    • Megan

      Laura, I believe it was about $50 per person. You have to book in advance. I think I booked about a month in advance or maybe a little less. Go, go now! I think it is pretty new (like it opened less than 2 years ago).

  4. Kat Dawg

    Amazing, how much did it cost to get in there?; I can imagine you would have been willing to pay upwards of 500 dollars if you had to in order to get in. Umm and I am pretty sure that I advised Shane Long’s IRELAND jersey, so not sure why you would look in England; anyways Im going to quote exactly what I told Katie that has reference to it: “U want to try and get me a Shane Long Ireland soccer jersey….He’s number 9…”. Anyways the jersey you got me was perfect though; I love it; thanks.

    • Megan

      It was $50, Cor. In reference to Shane Long being from Ireland, when we were in Ireland, we went into 2 different sports stores and asked multiple people who had no idea who he was. Then one girl asked this guy who apparently knows a ton about football and he said, “Oh he plays in England.” So we were like thank goodness we are going back to England. Then when we were back in England, we found out he played for a club there (West Brom) which had its jerseys privately sold only through them. Ie. Not available for purchase except for on the internets. Then we also found out he played for Ireland as well. Also Ireland doesn’t put their names or numbers on their jersey was what we were told. The number represents the sponsor. So we were in England and bought you an Ireland jersey for this season. So basically we went on a chase through 2 countries! Stupid Shane Long.

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  6. Katie

    That was such a magical place! Megan, I’m so glad you researched and found the studio tour. Corey, I won’t argue about what you told me. My only excuse was that I loved England and Ireland so much that my mind truly couldn’t contain any more thoughts other than how beautiful and perfect Megan and mine’s vacation was. Please forgive your poor sister. Besides I do believe the jersey Megan and I picked for you is pretty cool!

  7. Ali B

    Hey, Any chance of a higher-res image of the proclamations? I can’t read what 75 is and yours is the best pic I’ve found so far. It begins “All pets other than owls…”.
    🙂 Ta.

    • Megan

      Hi Ali, I have the high res image but it doesn’t fit our screen. I will try to remember to email it to you later. Thanks!

      • Megan

        I meant blog not screen 🙂