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January Confessions

I have a little confession to make.  This time of year always makes me feel very tired and a little grumpy.  It could definitely be the crappy weather and my mourning the loss of holidays.  I totally realize that.  But I really think it is because of something else too.  Around this time of year, practically everywhere you look people are talking about how we need to improve our lives.  We need to organize better, exercise more, become supermodels and learn to save the world at the same time (okay maybe not the supermodel thing but definitely save the world).  And generally all talking about that stuff does is make me want to take a nap.  Cause the thing is, I already have quite a lot of things on my plate.  Not because I am a special case, but because I am a person living in the world today.  We ALL have millions of balls we are juggling in the air and just praying that none of them falls and breaks.  I have this theory that we haven’t evolved enough as species to handle all of the things that are expected of us to be successful in the world today.  My mind is in full gear all day long and if it is not concentrating on what I need to accomplish that moment, I am thinking about the list of typically no less than 15 other things that need to get done ASAP.  And now January is telling me I need to do more and do it better.

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Well, January, this year I am saying NO! Because I think I am okay just how I am now and I won’t let you belittle my efforts any more.  I will probably always have a list of about 10 million flaws.  I will most likely never take out the trash before it is completely overflowing even though I have already smushed it down 3 times, I will never be good at writing thank you notes (not that I am not grateful), and I may always pay my cable bill a few days late because when I went to pay it the first time the online system was down and then I just plum forgot.  But I like to think my positive  qualities like being a loyal friend and an excellent cat mommy make up for that.  And that is just gonna have to be good enough this year.  I am all for moving forward, but is where we are right now really all that bad of a place?  I sure don’t think so.   In fact, I think we could all use to back up a little and slow down a bit.  So take that January.

  1. Colleen

    Tell em sister!! Don’t let the man get you down!! You leave that trash in the trash can if you want to!

  2. Megan

    Girl, you know I will.

  3. Roopert

    You need some wine. I need some wine.