An Invitation to Tea

Several months ago, our friend Blair  from the adorable blog Blairadise asked us if we would help a little with the planning of her 30th birthday bash. We love her to bits so obviously we said yes, but the tricky thing is that she lives in South Africa.  So cool right?    She decided to make the theme a tea party and wanted to include all her friends in the States (she went to high school with Megan) so she came up with the sweetest idea to send them all a note/invitation to join her in a cup of tea along with a little tea bag.  For the invitations to the actual party, she used these gems from Paperless Post.  I used the same design with Blair’s wording to create an invitation that she could print and send to her friends abroad.  When my invitation arrived a few weeks later, I cannot tell you how excited I was.  I feel like getting mail from South Africa makes my cool points increase exponentially.  Aren’t all the colorful stamps fantastic?

I couldn’t really figure out a way to make them into printable invitations that you guys could use, so I just left them blank so you could create little note cards?

Striped Printable Note Cards

Also, just wanted to mention that we changed the subscription emails to only come once a week instead of flooding your inbox with every post like we did previously.  We figured you guys might like it better that way?  Let us know if you want us to change it back.







  1. Taylor

    What a darling idea Blair! Hope you have a fabulous 30th birthday!

  2. Taylor

    Colleen – I was actually about to message you and Megan and ask where my daily Two Delighted post was! But I checked the website indead. Whew!

  3. Lindsay

    First of all, these invitations are the cutest! Second, I have never heard of anybody doing anything like this and I think it is the best idea EVER. Seriously, what a thoughtful way to include everybody!!

  4. KatDawg

    I wonder how many Tea Party Republicans will google something related to “Tea Party” and end up here

  5. Brynn Looney

    oh, this is just so sweet 🙂 i am absolutely in love!!! so thoughtful and just plain adorable! XO brynn

  6. christina

    SO adorable!

  7. Blair

    Thank you girls for all your help and advice with the party! I still feel I should pay you for the invites and all the printables. Will post photos soon. Benn crazy at work.

    I will say I love my daily Two Delighted’s. Especially if I am having a bad day, just seeing the link reminds me there are beautiful things in this crazy world.


  8. Colleen

    Thanks friends! Blair you are so welcome and you are absolutely not allowed to pay us. As always, thank you for your kind words!

  9. Lindsey @ be pretty

    So adorable, these look great! What an awesome idea… you girls rock my socks! 🙂

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