Bridal Beauty

Featured on Wedding Chicks!!

I have some really pretty incredible news.  Our wedding has been featured on THE Wedding Chicks!  I think I have professed my love for the fabulousness that is Amy and Jocey before, but let me just say that WC is seriously one of my favorite wedding inspiration blogs.  They don’t just give you pretty pictures.  They also give you extra goodies like fantastic DIYs and killer free printables.  Heart them.  So when I found out that my wedding would be featured, I basically lost it.  When the post went live today, I was ridiculously excited, but also a little nervous because they posted my budget, itemized line by line.  Eek.  But then I got over it, because HOLY EXCITING PEOPLE.  Please go check it out here and leave a comment.  I promise to send you all freshly baked chocolate chip cookies made just for you by Corey :).  Corey, you are working on that, right?  And also, I would like to once again thank the photography geniuses that captured the wedding so perfectly, Abigail Seymour and Traci Arney!  Thank you so much ladies!  Thank you also to all my other vendors that helped to make the wedding so beautiful, including the best makeup/hair artist in the entirety of the world (yah I said it) Mrs. Lindsey Regan Thorne!  She has become such a wonderful friend since the wedding and I am still so grateful to her for making me feel my most beautiful on my wedding day!



  1. Lindsey Regan Thorne @ be pretty

    Seriously, what a stunning feature. Absolutely beautiful, ladies… what an honor! It was so much fun to look back at your wedding… again! It’s eyecandy! xoxo

  2. Stephanie G

    It’s great!!!

  3. Taylor

    exciting news!! Congrats 🙂

  4. Nicola

    So beautiful!! Congrats on an amazing feature! You ladies are so talented and have a terrific eye for the little personal touches, that is what I love the most!!!! Colleen you looked gorgeous and are glowing – you can see the love shine.

  5. Aunt Pat & Uncke Pete

    Simply beautiful! Reminds us once again what a wonderful wedding it was. Extremely nice to be able to take our time as we traveled down memory lane!!