My Idea of a Perfect Kitchen

While I am not really sure I will actually ever be done decorating my kitchen, I am finally coming close to being temporarily finished.  At least until next month when I come up with something else I want to do.  I have almost finished the tiling portion of the backsplash project and now just need to take care if issues related to electrical box extensions and grouting.  Very glamorous stuff.  But as I have been coming closer to being finished, I have been reflecting on what I like about my kitchen and what makes it feel like it works for me.  Besides basic items like light fixtures, hardware, counters, and cabinets, here is a list of some specific little touches that for me, make a perfect kitchen.

1)  {Something alive}  I think kitchens need to have a little something living such as a plant or flowers.  To me, it makes it feel more fresh and clean.

2) {Sunlight}  My kitchen needs at least one good window to let in light.  No one wants to bake (or empty a dishwasher) when it is dark and gloomy.

3) {Something vintage}  I love pieces with a history and soul and they make every room more interesting to me.

4) {Something quirky}  My perfect kitchen has at least one item to show it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

5) {Something shiny}  Like a moth to a flame, a magpie like me craves some shine.

6) {Interesting vignette}  A ledge, shelf, or empty spot on the counter is needed in order to have a place to play around and create a pretty little vignette.

7) {Good contrast}  I am a sucker for contrast.  Particularly the combination of touches of black on white.  It makes me feel a little giddy.

8 ) {Something round}  Kitchens are usually full of rectangles and squares and I think every kitchen needs some circles or round shapes to balance things out.

9) {Something glass}  Clear, light, and shiny.  Classic.  An obvious necessity.

10) {Simplicity}  I think it is important to keep a kitchen feeling simple and pure, without a lot of clutter.

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Here is a rough, un-cleaned, un-grouted, un-finished sneak preview of my kitchen tile.  Hopefully I will have some significantly prettier and completed pictures for you sometime soon.  Like at least by Christmas.

  1. Lindsey Regan Thorne @ be pretty

    Seriously… you stole my loves!!! My love for a sleek white kitchen, like the very first image. That’s so me, so my dream kitchen. That kitchen would MAKE ME WANNA COOK! 🙂 Ha! So gorgeous girly! Love that little archway, all those details, wow! Loved seeing you and Coll’s last night! Adore you girls! Xo

  2. erin | houseofearnest

    The second one is my absolute favorite! I would die for windows like that and love the idea of the narrow island/workspace! Perfect!

  3. Stephanie's

    I think you are doing a great job!!!

  4. Taylor

    Oooo looking good Meg! Loving the backsplash. Love all the ideas for a kitchen.

  5. Jean Wilks

    Great ideas and sooooo beautiful!!!!