For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday- Happenings

1) It finally snowed in my backyard!! While flower petal snow may not be very good for sledding, it surely makes up for it in beauty and overall pinkness.

2) Antique mall in Concord has been dominated by me…twice.

Exhibit A

All items purchased by me for a grand total of $30.  “What the what?,” you ask.  How?  That would be 1 weird old timey scales of justice item, 4 napkin/place card holders, 1 english tea tin, and 1 silver plated julep cup.  “What do you plan on doing with your fancy scales of justice?” you ask.  To which I will reply, “Marvel at their beauty and feel smug I only spent $10 on them.”

Exhibit B

Fantastically minty and delicious jadeite candy dish.  The price on this was okay but it wouldn’t win any cheapness awards.  What it will win is beauty awards.  I took a lovely friend along with me on this trip and other items were purchased but are going to be used for very secretive purposes that can surely not be disclosed at this time.

Cats have been enjoying cat nip plant planted in my fancy English tin.

Pretty, right?

3) This…

is finally going to be covering this…

Thank God.  Now I just have to figure out how to tile and work a wet saw.  No problem.

4) Juicy loves produce. I am pretty sure this is not normal cat behavior.  He could give a hill of beans about tuna or chicken.  But when you bring out the romaine lettuce he loses his mind.  I took an extremely sweet video of my Juice Box loving on some tomatoes.  I will warn you to turn off your computer volume unless you are interested in hearing my super squeaky kitty cat voice and my ridiculous insistence on calling the tomatoes “maters.”


Happy Friday!!  Hope you get to do something this weekend that is as fantastic to you as tomatoes are to Juice.


  1. Stephanie G

    Beautiful! Is it a cherry tree? You, Colleen, Marilyn, Katie and need to go together sometime. FUN!

  2. marilyn

    Incredible back yard.

  3. Lindsay

    i LOVE your antique finds!! i believe i need to do some antique shopping myself.

  4. Taylor

    1) LOVE the pictures of the pretty petals. I think you should frame them. The one of the full backyard is amazing! I cant’ get over it. Excellent work my friend!

    2) LOVE all of your antique finds. You’ve got such a great eye. I never pick out anything neat, fun, cool. I’m boring. Boo.

    3) MATER LOVE!!!! Juice is a funny lil pot pie.

  5. Lindsey Regan Thorne @ be pretty

    I love the snow! 🙂 …the spring time snow! 🙂 So pretty! Loving your finds… the candy dish stole my heart! It’s amazing!

  6. Lauren Tate

    I want to live in that pretty backyard picture! You are getting very good with all that picture taking freind!
    Jealous of your vintage finds. I loveee that candy dish. My birthday is on May 2nd. Take a note. I love that dish. haha jk.
    Juice. Oh Juicy. How you hate me. But you are cute anyway.

  7. Drew {Coral Cafe}

    The cherry blossom bloooooooms! At least you got a pic of them scattered about oh so lovely around the yard!
    I am so in love with your minty jadeite candy dish! (Although I’m thinking we can place lots of other things in there too!) Such an amazing purchase! Well worth the mula!

    That lil butterball is just so stinkin cute! Loves those maters! 😉