For the Love of Friday

For the Love of Friday – Vegas Recap

As you guys know, I went to Vegas last weekend for the first time.  My post from the other day was the recap of the mega beauty wedding, but I figured I would tell you about the rest of the trip as well.

Pictures from the plane…

Corey and I arrived late Friday afternoon and walked into the Paris hotel.  It was really pretty spectacular, both inside and out.

We immediately got ready to have dinner with Jim and Elyse at a cute French restaurant inside the hotel.  We went out afterwards to do some gambling (aka, me watching Corey play craps).  Corey’s brother and I were so exhausted that we had to go back to the hotel by 10:30.  Pretty lame, I know.

Love the juxtaposition of the cheesy slot machines next to the sophisticated indoor French scenery.

The next day, Corey and I went with Jim and Elyse to see the wedding venue for the first time and to drop off their awesome cake toppers and playlists.  Afterwards, we had lunch at the Sugar Factory, which was super delicious.  Actually, it was so good that we ate there for breakfast the next day as well.

I quite enjoyed all the color.  Very cheerful.

The menu had these $36 cocktails.  We were all just joking about getting one when the couple behind us was receiving theirs.  Check out the steam (?) coming off of them.  By the time we left, their drink levels were only lowered by about an inch.  Corey and Jim came back the day of the wedding to partake in the extravagant beverages.

After lunch, Mom G, Katie, and I walked down to the Fashion Mall to do a little shopping.  It was my first experience walking the strip, and it was very impressive.  Everything was so big.  And expensive looking.

That night we went to the Cirque du Soleil show Mystere.  Holy amazing.  Didn’t even realize half of those things were possible.  Highly recommended.  Definitely my favorite part of the weekend, other than the wedding, obvs.  Afterwards, we went to do some more heavy gambling.  Katie and I bet $5 on a slot machine.  We were pretty wild and crazy.

They have a Serendipity!!  I wasn’t able to go to see if it was anything like the one in New York, but I was still pretty excited about it.

Sunday, the day of the wedding, we had our delicious breakfast at the Sugar Factory and then left the best man and the groom to their own devices while we took one last walk down Las Vegas Boulevard.

Saw some pretty fantastic cartoon/movie characters.  Drunk Garfield was my favorite.  He was so sad and lovable.  Captain Jack called me Scarlett O’Hara.  Because of my hair??

I really wanted to see the inside of the Venetian.  It didn’t disappoint.  The Rialto Bridge and Doge’s Palace looked almost authentic.  Other than the Blue Man Group posters.  Those guys give me nightmares.

The inside canals were really cool.  This guy was serenading the passengers.

Just like when I was in the real Venice, my favorite part was the architecture, particularly the windows.  I would love to have some of those when I get a house.  Chances are slim to none on that happening I guess.  This mask made me want to have a masquerade ball.

The only other picture I have of myself from the trip.  After this, we went to go get ready and get the groom to the wedding!  Shhh, don’t tell anyone we were almost late.  Stress man.  Stress.


  1. Megan

    Great pictures Bean! Looks like fun. We should really work on a DIY for how to make fancy Venetian windows. No problem ;).

  2. Stephanie G

    Great Pics. Love the lense

  3. Lindsey Regan Thorne @ be pretty

    So funny!!! We saw Garfield too and he was passed out just like that pic you took… WOW, what a fantastic trip!! So fun! Your pictures are sooooo good… so clean and crisp… it really is that lens isn’t it? Looks awesome! Hope your well on your way to recovery for what looks to have been a perfect trip! xxoo!

  4. Colleen

    Haha Lindsey love that you saw Garfield. Thanks so much! Yes, that lens works wonders! Can’t wait to see you soon!