It’s Monday

Why hello.  It’s Monday today.  Just figured I would pop in for a quick post to let you all know that.  In case you had forgotten.  Colleen is still in California and I am still at my house.  But I managed to have a perfect weekend that included cupcake baking, a viewing of Godzilla and

The Happiness Project

I actually bought The Happiness Project kind of by accident.  I was looking for another book the last time I was browsing around Target, and happened upon the yellow colored cover instead.  I was kind of down in the dumps that day (for who knows what reason), and I said “sure, happy, sounds good.”  The

Exciting News

Hi friends! We have some pretty exciting news.  But let’s start with a little back story.  Years and years ago (really probably like 5 or 6) I started reading blogs pretty obsessively.  I liked to read about other people’s lives and see pretty and inspirational things.  It was a nice mental departure from everyday life

Catsley Shacklebolt

So we got a baby kitten.  It has become even more difficult to go to work each day because staying home and watching Downton Abbey episodes while he cuddles under my neck seems way better.  He really likes Downton Abbey.  And is a bit of a food thief apparently, as he has already successfully batted

Calligraphy Practice

I have never been a big resolutions girl.  I think it is a nice idea but have never really taken it super seriously.  My New Years started out a little bit rough this year because I was sick.  And when I say sick, I mean I was down and out.  I honestly don’t remember ever

2013 Highlights

All the cool kids are doing it so we might as well too.  I give you our quickly compiled and likely misspelled highlights of 2013. January – Corey and I started the year happy in our hearts but empty in our bank accounts after we bought our dream home. February – Then we painted.  Every